Consignment Software for Mac

Best Consignment Software & Mac

Apple: Windows programs can be run on a Mac if Windows and Apple's Boot Camp (cross-platform software) are installed on the Mac.

In general the only issue has been related to the Mac successfully printing through the Windows interface. This doesn't pertain to ink/bubble/LaserJet printers so much as thermal printers.

Mac Alternatives

  1. By far the most expensive 'solution' is web-based software which requires a never-ending monthly payment for continued use. The sales pitch is that the consignment-software program can be used anywhere but that can be done for free using remote-access programs. No need to pay $100 per month and up for a mobile application.
  2. Looking for the most reasonable cost option over time? Lease a brand new Dell PC under warranty for about $15 per month and run consignment software on it. "But I hate Windows!" Understood but there's very little to know about Windows once the consignment software is installed. In running the software you won't know the difference between Mac and PC. Actually a new PC can be purchased outright for about $600 or a reasonably-priced refurbished PC is readily available for $200+. The 'web-based alternative' is to pay $100 per month ($1,200 every year at a minimum) just to use the software. If viral infections are a concern, the Internet is not needed to run BCSS so simply keep the Windows computer disconnected from the Internet.
  3. Of course consignment software can be installed on a laptop to achieve mobility. Currently a refurb'd Dell E6410 Notebook with an i7 processor is available at New Egg for $219.

What are the requirements for running consignment software on a Mac?

  • An Internet connection
  • An administrator account in OS X to use Boot Camp Assistant
  • The keyboard and mouse or track pad that came with the Mac
  • 4 GB of RAM minimum
  • 30 GB of free disk space is recommended if you're installing Windows for the first time, or 40 GB of free disk space if you are upgrading from a previous version of Windows
  • An authentic Microsoft Windows full install disc or ISO file
  • A built-in optical drive or a compatible external optical drive is required if you're using an installation disc
  • A 16 GB or larger USB storage device or drive formatted as MS-DOS (FAT) to install Windows Support software (drivers)

Mac or PC

We haven't met a store owner yet who is not keenly focused on cutting costs so unless you're the first in 19 years to throw Ben Franklins out the window, get a cheap PC and BCSS and put an end to forever fees.


No such thing as endless fees for support @ BCSS. Most programs do one of two things: 1) They require an ongoing payment for continued software use or 2) they represent the annual fee to be 'optional' then force the payments to be made by denying support in any form and withholding updates (Consign-pro, Resale-world).

Purchase includes a free setup and training session, primarily to assure that the program works as expected on your computer(s) and has all features needed. Training videos and a well-illustrated detailed user's guide are available to help flatten the learning curve. (also great for repetition and new employees) The beauty of The Software is its usability. Everything is 'on the surface' and within one click or key press.

With no ongoing support fees, money is not wasted if support is never or seldom needed. Instead, payment for support is made at the time support is provided - at rates well below industry norms: $20/15 minutes.

Long-Term Cost

Clearly paying once for software and rarely if ever paying for support will cost way less over time than paying monthly for web-based software or getting trapped into software that has 'optional fees'. The fees are there and there are ways of forcing payment of them, otherwise they wouldn't exist.

But hey, for those who think the get more by paying more, let us know how much you're willing to spend and we'll come to work at your shop!