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You won't find these 'hidden charges' at BCSS!

    • Increasing annual support fee
    • Added cost for added users
    • Full price to start a 2nd store
    • $100 to $150 per hour support
    • Forever fees
    • Escalating fees
    • New fees

Predictable Transparent Pricing

Get a personal demo on your PC and make sure that The Software is 'the best' for you prior to purchase. Talk to a person: 888-427-5779.

Deluxe Edition $395

'Everything' (agreements, receipts, tags, labels, reports and checks) can be printed with a common ink printer. Aging inventory can be discounted manually or automatically. Deluxe supports barcoding, cash drawers and receipt printers.

Diamond Edition $595

All Deluxe features plus thermal price labels and hang tags, computers at the same location sharing data, buyer and employee management, mall floor space rental.

Virtual Edition $795

All Diamond features plus consignors can access their account info and add inventory online (to be downloaded to BCSS on the shop PC). ($25/mo)

Intro Edition ($295) is POS software with a built-in training panel - great for procedure reminders and learning. Price labels and hang tags can be printed (no barcodes) but entries are not saved in inventory. Print agreements, checks, receipts and settlements using a common printer. Inventory is entered at POS so no automatic discounting of unsold inventory.

Price Discounting

A consignment-software feature that can be useful in resale operations is the Discount Schedule where periods of time and percentages of discount can be set and auto applied to each inventory item. Multiple schedules are possible and can be assigned to individual categories, allowing for very focused discounting of all items. A typical discount schedule is -25% after 30 days, -40% after 60 days, -50% after 90 days. At POS the price entered by the program will be the discounted price and can be edited.

Other features which thrift stores find useful in the software are deductions for purchases by credit card, currency options and police reporting.

Antique resellers saved $4,000,000+ (million) since 2002 by choosing this software!

Fix Hard Disk Problems in Windows 7/8/102

Use Windows CheckDisk (CHKDSK) to scan the hard drive for errors (such as lost sectors, bad sectors and corruptions) and fix them.

  1. Click on the Start Button then click on Computer:

    Start - Computer

  2. Then, right click on the drive you wish to scan for errors and select Properties:


  3. Click Tools then Check Now under error-checking:


    Leave Automatically fix file system errors checked. That will find and repair problems. Perform a deeper scan by checking Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.

  4. Click Start.

    Check Now

    If the disk chosen is in use, a message will appear asking if you wish to schedule a scan. Clicking on Schedule disk check will cause the scan to run the next time the computer is restarted.

    Schedule Scan

The scan will take several minutes depending upon the size of the drive and the options set for the scan.

If the problem started just recently and CheckDisk didn't resolve it, try a Windows System Restore (completely safe) which will restore Windows to a previous state when the problem might not have existed. (See Windows Help.)

Software for Illinois Consignment Shops

Why are prices for No-Fee Consignment Software so much lower than others?

There are 4 levels of prices and features starting at $295 for the basic program (Intro).

The program can be upgraded as shop needs and computer skills grow. Data will remain intact and an allowance can be applied to the cost of the upgrade.

If and when help is needed, payment for help is made at the time it is provided and at a rate about half that of local IT techs.

Some of the BCSS features (depending upon the edition):

Some of the options mentioned are in the higher editions of the software and some are optional modules.

BCSS has been in business since 2002 so if you're wanting references, look to the BBB and Facebook for independent verified reviews.

At these prices and with these liberal usage provisions, you can just imagine what our competitors have to say ;).

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